Stream Box DSA incl. WiiM Mini


Integrated amplifier + DAC with streamer & internet radio

  • 24 bit/192kHz Hires streaming client
  • WiiM Mini adds all modern streaming services
  • Top-grade Highend PCM 1796 DAC
  • WAV, AIFF, FLAC, WMA9 lossless, ALAC & AAC playback
  • Built-in audiophile amplifier 2x 60 watts (4 ohms)
  • Made in Europe!

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Stream Box DSA is Pro-Ject Audio‘s fully equipped integrated amplifier; streaming client & internet radio, that is able to play music stored in network servers (computers, NAS drives, etc) connected to your home network. Additional to streaming and pre-/ power amplification functionality Stream Box DSA also acts as D/A converter for other digital sources (USB, coax, Toslink). 2 additional analogue sources also can be connected to form a complete system. The built-in high quality power amplifier stage easily drives high-quality speakers!

WiiM Mini adds all modern streaming services to the Stream Box DSA.


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