10 Must-Have Turntable Accessories

These tools are a must-have for every vinyl lover!


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1. Brush it

Dust is known for being vinyl’s biggest enemy. You need to keep them clean. Gently push the brush fibers into the grooves as the record is spinning. This way you can collect dust particles and reduce static build up.

2. Clean it

This little brush, equipped with carbon fibers is the perfect choice for daily cleaning of your cartridge stylus. For best results run the brush along the cantilever in the direction of the stylus and enjoy perfect vinyl playback.

3. Vinyl Clean

Vinyl clean. This stuff looks a lot like Play-Doh, but i’d keep it away from the kids. Simply pat against the surface of your vinyl and watch the grit and grime get lifted away. It also works great for cleaning other hifi components.

4. Sweep it S2

This record broom cleans your records during playback. The patented construction made of aluminum with an iron core ensures perfect tracking. It can be placed in one of two left-hand side corners of the turntable.

5. Damp it

These high-end damping feet can be super helpful, when your setup is positioned on a surface like here in our studio. Damp it consists of a synthetic high-tech rubber material, that dampens a wide frequency range from infrasonic to 500hz and therefore prevents transmission of structure-borne sound effectively. It works like an electronic subsonic filter, but without the drawbacks.

6. Adapt it

A welcome upgrade to every standard plastic single adapter. Adapt it fits all brands and types of turntables and centers your seven inch vinyls precisely on your turntable.

7. Measure it E

The Measure it E stylus tracking force gauge is a highly accurate electronic scale that is designed for measuring stylus tracking forces up to 5 grams in 0.002 gram increments. Each Measure it E can easily be calibrated using the supplied calibration weight with the push of a button.

8. Level it

Turntables should always be placed on a flat surface. Proper placement will ensure proper arm function. With this spirit level, you can easily check if your turntable is level.

9. Leather it

Leather is an interesting option to upgrade sound quality. Resonances are damped more effectively than with felt, dust is kept away and it has enough connectivity to avoid static. Leather is a very cost effective way to improve sound and reduce noise caused by static and dust.

10. Lube it

Last but not least, this high quality platter bearing lubricant will help the platter of your turntable run smoothly. This lubricant works with most turntables. To use it just apply a drop to the bearing. Lube it is a perfect maintenance product and can in certain cases help to fix rumbling platters.

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